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Matters at Hand facilitates getting personal business matters in shape for people who want to get their affairs prepared for their future years, OR who are at a time of great emotional stress in their lives due to a life changing event - such as a death of a spouse or family member; a divorce, or dealing with an ailing loved one. At all these times, many people feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks facing them, and they do not have the emotional energy, time or experience to handle important matters that need attention.

Matters at Hand gathers and reviews financial, trust, and legal documents, retirement accounts, insurance policies, real estate deeds and budgets, to see what needs to be revised or initiated. We are there to coordinate all the people and the work that help you get important life matters in order quickly and efficiently - taking care of all the necessary correspondence, filling forms out, providing advisors with needed information, and closing and setting up accounts correctly so you can make the final approvals and decisions. If you need a new advisor referral, we have a large network of the best professionals to recommend.

Our Team Members who act as "project managers" have the experience needed to work with your attorney, accountant, banker, and financial advisors - as well as deal with government agencies, insurance agents, doctors and others. We also make sure you are not paying too much in loan or credit card fees; that you are getting the best price for all your insurance and medical coverage; and that you are receiving what you should from pension and retirement payouts. And we have the compassion to be there overseeing these things so you can take care of the rest of your life.

Matters at Hand helps you go forward with your life as quickly and as stress free as possible. Because your life matters.

Call us at (248) 762-2520 for a free consultation to customize a service plan to meet your specific needs.

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